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Let me tell you a little secret... Intentions come into their most powerful existence through ritual.

Let's define ritual:

Ritual is a ceremony for belonging, connecting us to everything and to all. It marries the mundane to the sacred and leads you to make decisions that allow you to have the life you want by being present in the life you have.

Rituals are the language of the subconscious mind, and it is in our subconscious mind where great changes take effect. Rituals have always fed the subconscious, and through the daily, small, deliberate, beautiful, and joyful acts of ritual, we arrive at our most desired outcomes.

Throughout our history at every stage of our development what has endured and created legends, movements, religions, and cultures is ritual. Ritual brings back the practice of observation into our lives, radiating awareness towards and away from us, concentric rings of energy emanating from our core.

When intentions are set and practiced with ritual, energy is created and transformed. Energy flows where intention goes.

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Ritual | BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines



Pause. Breathe.

Take a moment to clear your mind.

Then bring all your senses forward to experience a truly beautiful celebration of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell.

Go. Be it.

Ritual | BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines
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