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Our Story

Rituals of ceremony and celebration are the ways to “remember to remember.” For that is what we are: a collection of memories forged by our experiences in this life.

There is something magical in living with ritual. Ritual is a vehicle for belonging; it marries the mundane with the sacred. The world vibrates and sparkles when ritual is in our lives. The world is not just a collection of things; it is a connection with who we are and where we came from.

So, why BuDhaGirl Sparkling? Well, because it is a marker of so many things wonderful. From the seed that becomes a vine, and the vine that produces fruit, and then grows old to produce coveted grapes. Then, man’s ingenuity converts nature’s gift of grapes into delectable wines in shades of sunshine, the pink of dawn, and the mystery of the night. And then we go one step further, creating sparkling wine.

BuDhaGirl Sparkling is a continuation of BuDhaGirl’s roots in ritual. The decision to celebrate is sparked by a feeling almost instantaneously becoming a thought calling us to action. We are moved to commemorate an event, no matter how small, by opening a bottle of drinkable starlight.

BuDhaGirl Sparkling introduces the Ritual of Celebration™. In the Ritual of Celebration™, we ask you to ask yourself why. Pause for a moment to think of why you are doing what you are doing. Why have you chosen BuDhaGirl Sparkling? Is it beautiful? Is it fun? Is it mysterious? Is it delicious? Breathe, take a minute to relax, and recognize our gift of life through breath. Then, bring your senses forward to experience BuDhaGirl Sparkling at its fullest.

Focus first on your eyes; what do you see? Focus then on the feel; is the bottle tingly and cool? (It should be!) Focus on the “POP,” the instant sound of celebration. Focus on the smell, the aromas of nature captured in sparkling wine. Focus lastly on taste…sip. Allow yourself to be happy. Now, your five senses have come together to make the opening of BuDhaGirl Sparkling a ritual of celebration.

Two Models Wearing Pink and Gold Dresses and BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangle Bracelets | BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines

October 10, 2023

BuDhaGirl Ten Year Anniversary Party | BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines

Swaths of pink and alluring ambiance summoned as guests entered a kaleidoscopic wonder of a gathering to celebrate 10 years since the launch of the lauded lifestyle brand BuDhaGirl. The crowd was aflutter as they mingled with fellow celebrants, sipping on the signature sip for the evening—a specialty cocktail concocted by BuDhaGirl CEO, founder and creative director Jessica Jesse.

The belle of the ball was Jessica Jesse, who weaved throughout the space, greeting fellow guests, including newly appointed president Susan Alvarez, Paige Chenault Lohoefer, Michael Lee, D’Andra Simmons, Franchesca Nor, Joyce Goss, Kit Sawers and more.

After delighting in decadent fare, Jesse surprised everyone with the pièce de résistance—news that BuDhaGirl will soon be expanding the brand and launching a BuDhaGirl Sparkling. Knowing the careful thought and intention surrounding the brand, we have no doubt this new venture will be a sparkling success. Cheers to that...

December 7, 2023

BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines Debuts at Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 During Ocean Drive Magazine's Art of the Party | BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines

The universe is great at giving opportunities that, when you are prepared, take you on a whole new journey... and that is exactly what happened to BuDhaGirl at Art Basel in Miami Beach.

Here we are, May of 2023 when Modern Luxury Miami approached us to see if we would like to host “The Art of the Party” at the iconic Fontainebleau in Miami Beach during Art Basel - an annual party that celebrates Ocean Drive Magazine's December Art Issue release. As fate would have it, the planets aligned, and this date coincided with our projected BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines launch.

Put two and two together and YES! What an incredible opportunity to debut BuDhaGirl Sparkling Wines in a fabulous setting with people from all over the world, coming together in the name of art - and it just happens to be at one of the best party weekends in the world.